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Title: Community-based pedagogy : an alternative way to integrate basic standards of competence in english into classes
Authors: Vargas Bolívar, Luisa Fernanda
metadata.dc.contributor.role: Viáfara González, John Jairo (Director de tesis)
Keywords: Modelos de enseñanza
Métodos de enseñanza
Técnicas de enseñanza
Educación y estado
Política y educación
Supervisión estatal de la enseñanza
Licenciatura en Idiomas Modernos - Tesis y disertaciones académicas
Basic Standards English Competence
Community-Based Pedagogy
Teaching practicum
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia
Citation: Vargas Bolívar, L. F. (2019). Community-based pedagogy : an alternative way to integrate basic standards of competence in english into classes. (Trabajo de pregrado). Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia, Tunja.
Abstract: Implementing the Basic Standards of Competence in English (BSCE) established by the Ministry of Education in a meaningful way requires that pre-service teachers generate alternative forms to integrate them to their teaching. This study discusses the implementation of this policy by a student teacher in the teaching practicum by means of Community-Based Pedagogy (CBP). Based on that, the main question which has guided this research is to what extent the implementation of BSCE by means of CBP guides a pre-service teacher’s EFL instruction during the final pedagogical practicum at a secondary public school. Then, this research is relevant in Colombia because of the need of exposing pedagogical strategies and alternative ways of teaching the second languages at schools; in the same way, the lack of research about pre-service teachers’ experience during the final pedagogical practicum in connection with the implementation of national policies in context. This research was guided by a qualitative approach and data analysis was gathered by means of semi structured interview, journals, video recording, lesson plans, students’ artifacts. The findings of this study brought to light the transformation of the final pedagogical practicum experience by a pre-service teacher, the connection that could be possible between students’ community and BSCE, the facilitation of student-centeredness, the appropriateness and innovation inside the English classroom and the challenges faced in the practicum by the pre-service teacher.
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